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cyber_derives's Journal

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A community interested in virtual derives as a way of finding out about blog space.

Started as a result of this post and the many excellent comments that followed.

Inspired by Ian Sinclair's dismissal of tubewalker's tubewalking project.

What you need to do is this: Pick a simple algorithm, such as "Third on the friends list". Go to the third person on your friends list, then go to their friends list, and select the third person there. Record what's happening with each jump as you go along. See how far you can get without a loop. Or adopt a mutating algorithm: second, then third, then fifth, then seventh, then repeat. Or create an algorithm that changed according to something about the journal you have just travelled to. Whatever. And post your cyber_derive here.

Or write a program to do it for you.

Respect to anyone who ends up in a militant-poly-bi-goth-vegan-cryptographer loop. Or maybe not.