The Goddess of Small Things (juggzy) wrote in cyber_derives,
The Goddess of Small Things

New algorithm

Trying thelodger's theory of perturbation:

First then second then third then fourth then repeat

New rule to deal with feeds. Treat the comments on the feed as the friends of the feed.

OK, here goes:

nja: appears to be having trouble with people living in Rutland
ajn: appears to be a picture of X, random part of the day.

OK. This presents a problem, as ajn appears not to be very friendly. I shall go to the third on the "befriended by" list.

jbmurray I appear to be caught in miscreant land. Or, as hoiho has just said: "The land of the old, bitter and divorced". Ha. "Speak for yourself," I said. Anyway. jbmurray is doing something very incomprehensible and probably very intelligent, although I am not intelligent enough to tell, with Spanish Literature.
hoiho: Still trying to get people to attend his party.

Back to the first on the friends list.
nja Aaargh. WE have the definitive miscreant loop.

I'll try again later.
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I am going to try again, but start with two. Unless nja is now second on my list. In which case I shall start with one. Must escape from miscreant land

Bugger. Second on the list is ajn

hoiho has an idea ....
You cannot escape me!
I can bloody well try to escape you, though. Why aren't you a daffodil today?
Right, cutting cards for a random sequence.

13, 8, 4, 10

popsock Who is thinking about teaching in the Ukraine
flamingkitties Who is thinking about food and listening to Moby
ig1234 Who is crossposting about birdflu. Glastonbury going, ecological, football fan land.
theabyssinian Who appears to be posting picture of kangaroo scrotii. Being sold on ebay!

I'm getting a bit bored with this, now.

music_is_life A comic book reading bass guitarist.
rq_version3 Appears to be curious about other people having jobs, having just obtained one himself. We appear to be in the land of endless names.
lyndz who appears to be posting links that are somewhat graphic in nature. No fur, though. Althought I didn't post that far down.

Alright. This is where I gave up. I'm going to post furries in the interests.
Didn't look that far down. Sorry. My mind was disturbed.
You are wearing a ferret costume now you've found out what a furry is, aren't you?
I'm not. hoiho is, though.
hoiho has asked me to point out that his tail is at least 9"
I feel myself to be more of an ursine, um, bent than mustelid, to be honest.
Ursine? Mustelid? Nah. Do they have "featheries"?
hoiho: Still trying to get people to attend his party.

That'd be This one</em>, yes?