The Goddess of Small Things (juggzy) wrote in cyber_derives,
The Goddess of Small Things

New algorithm

Trying thelodger's theory of perturbation:

First then second then third then fourth then repeat

New rule to deal with feeds. Treat the comments on the feed as the friends of the feed.

OK, here goes:

nja: appears to be having trouble with people living in Rutland
ajn: appears to be a picture of X, random part of the day.

OK. This presents a problem, as ajn appears not to be very friendly. I shall go to the third on the "befriended by" list.

jbmurray I appear to be caught in miscreant land. Or, as hoiho has just said: "The land of the old, bitter and divorced". Ha. "Speak for yourself," I said. Anyway. jbmurray is doing something very incomprehensible and probably very intelligent, although I am not intelligent enough to tell, with Spanish Literature.
hoiho: Still trying to get people to attend his party.

Back to the first on the friends list.
nja Aaargh. WE have the definitive miscreant loop.

I'll try again later.
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