The Goddess of Small Things (juggzy) wrote in cyber_derives,
The Goddess of Small Things

Second post, just to show.

Repeating the third on the list algorithm.

Note: There's some ambiguity when you get to someone posting in a community. Do you pick the third in the community, or the third on the friends list of the poster? I chose the latter.

missjudas. Giving the URL of some more pictures of her kittens
wyvernfriend in ladies_loos. Content not recorded because it is a community only post.

Note: Being members of communities will make trails different for people who are not members of communites

james_nicholl Appears to be doing something Scottish with the alphabet. I think it's a reading list.
kasdan in house_md Appears to be advertising another community: house_ficchain, which seems to be about complicated community writing

Kasdan's post in the community is also the third post in his journal, so here endeth the chain.

I cannot understand how nja got an average of 10 in his perl script; probably something to do with the mutuality of friends groups.
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