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A random walk

Tonight I have mainly been playing with Perl (LWP::UserAgent and XML::RSS::Parser), and the various feeds you can get from LJ. This takes the mouse-clicking effort out of wandering around.

The script prints out a link to the user's most recent journal entry (thanks to RSS) and then picks a random friend, stopping at twenty (unless there's a loopback). A couple of dud runs:
User : nja
User : hoiho
User : hoiho

User : nja
User : crazy_aj
User : nja

(crazy_aj is someone I seem to have attracted when I was a member of downsyndrome, she commented on my entries a lot about a year ago and looks to have disappeared now. hoiho looks to be some sort of penguin goth furry person and is probably best avoided.) Let's go for a decent run, and I'll pay a little more attention to the scenery (I'm not going to look at userinfo or anything, just the most recent posts):

  • missjudas - Like most of the early ones on this list, a refugee from uk.misc, and I have met her in real life. Photos of cats. If you removed all the photos of cats from the internet, it would collapse.

  • scat0324 - Another miscreant, who hasn't updated for months, and I haven't met him. His wife had a job in July.

  • oldbloke - I've "known" Dave in an online sense for years, met him for the first time this year. Homemade cereal poll. And here's a triple-whammy, with Dave, myself and the future Mr missjudas.

  • k425sbug - I'm not sure if he counts as a uk.misc refugee or not. He's certainly one of only two LJ users who has ever sat on my knee. He can walk, which he couldn't when I met him.

  • joshuas - Now we're going into the unknown. Has learned to play the piano.

  • ikkleblacktruck - Alex has got into a grammar school.

  • purplewizard - Commented on the previous post (evidence of a small friends group?). Doesn't have to drive cooljules to work any more.

  • dr_sneaky - Meme. Lemon-flavoured.

  • mortarach - Has a goatee. Is looking forward to 3 days of full on cool shit.

  • incurus - This one is four you. Teenage goth, judging by the picture.

  • frieza - Is pulling the plug on her (I guess) LJ - isn't the correct response to this "she's such a goth"? Incidentally, why do so many blokes use Japanese pictures of google-eyed girls as their icons?

  • nanaki_lioness - Has a new LJ. I'm not picking up many posts containing slash, furry action or intimate confessions, am I?

  • sugar_mouse - Aha! Did a photoshoot on a canal boat in Birmingham. This is more like it. I went on a canal trip in Birmingham at about this time of year 20 years ago. I caught an awful cold, and when I got home I spent 2 hours asleep. I wasn't wearing a bikini.

  • kingradix - Red Bull, vodka, Mario Kart 64. I believe that is a young person's drink and a computer game, m'lud.

  • malaise_mcangst - A merkin chemistry student. Thinks 30 is decrepit. Ha!

  • musicfan0716 - Another merkin student, who seems to have lost her capslock key.

  • uwgbfoofighter - See above.

  • free_vibe - See above, with slightly better capitalisation and punctuation.

  • analoggirlie - Her journal is friends only now. I thought everyone agreed that <MARQUEE> was a terrible idea about ten years ago, so why does Firefox allow it? Huh?

  • (Script dies at this point, probably saving me from an endless chain of female American students hehehehe omg I am so lameass).

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