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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
9:35 pm
Clicked the #5 entry in my own Interests list to start the query.
On the Interests Search return page, skipped the communities down to "Interested People".
Take the #5 person -- go to their Interests list -- click #5 for the search.... etc
Here's what I got -- not too far, actually...

alice in wonderland --> blues clues --> adema --> 36crazyfists --> alien ant farm --> air force --> allen iverson --> blink 182 --> alkaline trio

Four of those I had nooo idea what they were...so, an interesting walk.

Gonna try it with communities instead of people to see if it goes further. It might just be too simple to get very far...
Friday, March 4th, 2005
8:50 pm
Here am the bot.
botCollapse )
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
9:14 pm
A random walk
Tonight I have mainly been playing with Perl (LWP::UserAgent and XML::RSS::Parser), and the various feeds you can get from LJ. This takes the mouse-clicking effort out of wandering around.
I wander around I just wander aroundCollapse )
12:37 am
Rules for this one:

1. use as many of the first 10,000 digits of pi (here) as you need

and, because I think you'll tend to get a bias towards the early letters of the alphabet (and, hence, more chance of a loop):

2. count along the friends list starting from the first username that starts with the last letter of the previous username (0 = select the first name); start with the last letter of your username

3. if there isn't a username that fits 2, start from the next letter along

4. if you get to the end of the list, start again at the beginning

Hang on a moment - I've misunderstood the rules! I'm counting along the list of friends in the userinfo section (ie the alphabetical list) not in the friends entry view...

I'm sticking with my misinterpretation as it removes a bias towards people who post often.

This gives:

a pretty long list, actuallyCollapse )
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
9:37 pm
New algorithm
Trying thelodger's theory of perturbation:

First then second then third then fourth then repeat

New rule to deal with feeds. Treat the comments on the feed as the friends of the feed.

OK, here goes:

nja: appears to be having trouble with people living in Rutland
ajn: appears to be a picture of X, random part of the day.

OK. This presents a problem, as ajn appears not to be very friendly. I shall go to the third on the "befriended by" list.

jbmurray I appear to be caught in miscreant land. Or, as hoiho has just said: "The land of the old, bitter and divorced". Ha. "Speak for yourself," I said. Anyway. jbmurray is doing something very incomprehensible and probably very intelligent, although I am not intelligent enough to tell, with Spanish Literature.
hoiho: Still trying to get people to attend his party.

Back to the first on the friends list.
nja Aaargh. WE have the definitive miscreant loop.

I'll try again later.
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
6:47 pm
Second post, just to show.
Repeating the third on the list algorithm.

Note: There's some ambiguity when you get to someone posting in a community. Do you pick the third in the community, or the third on the friends list of the poster? I chose the latter.

missjudas. Giving the URL of some more pictures of her kittens
wyvernfriend in ladies_loos. Content not recorded because it is a community only post.

Note: Being members of communities will make trails different for people who are not members of communites

james_nicholl Appears to be doing something Scottish with the alphabet. I think it's a reading list.
kasdan in house_md Appears to be advertising another community: house_ficchain, which seems to be about complicated community writing

Kasdan's post in the community is also the third post in his journal, so here endeth the chain.

I cannot understand how nja got an average of 10 in his perl script; probably something to do with the mutuality of friends groups.
6:07 pm
OK, I'm going to do the first post.
Algorithm: Flat. Third on friend's list. Posting rate slightly higher than last night.

miss_newham. Appears to want to go out with someone called Jemma
juggzy in cyber_derives Aargh. That's me, and there's no posts in this community yet.

Straight into a loop of two.
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